Karoo – Tankwa

About a month ago, got invited to join a trip to the Karoo. Karoo is a massive  desert which apparently covers two third of South Africa. Not a sand desert, more like a very dry land with bushes. So about 12 of us packed up camping gear and food and off we go for a 3 days camping trip to Tankwa. Good to meet new people, everybody’s really chilled and we had a great time there. First night we had the whole campsite for ourselves. Setting up the camp, enjoying the sunset and the quietness of the place. Of course, a fire and a braai to cook 🙂 that’s all you need to be happy. Views are stunning and the sky at night is just unbelievable – so many stars that sometimes you struggle to see constellations. south hemisphere means new constellations so no ‘grande ourse’ but rather you see the Southern Cross or the Orion Belt. Plenty of shooting stars, wine to keep you warm – life is good.

Next day, we took the bikes for a ride. What started as a chilled 10km ended being a 50km – luckily mainly flat but still, after 3 hours on a bike legs start hurting a bit. Stunning place to ride, absolutely no one for hundreds kilometres. Another week end where I feel very blessed to be living this life and meet very nice people.  Few pictures always help to understand better  – enjoy!



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