Cape point overnight hike

First overnight hike in  Capetown, had the opportunity to join a group for this 2 days hike. The plan is simple: 10 people going on a 2 days hike in cape point reserve. Most of them were working in media industry and the excuse for doing this hike was  an article to be written in an Afrikaan magazine.

I have been to  that reserve many times to see Cape of Good hope and so on, but this experience was completely different. The hike itself is fairly easy : 13km the first day and 20km the second.  In between there are some huts that can be booked to sleep overnight. I will let the pictures illustrate the views but what i will say is :

1. You feel like being on completely  different place, lost in the middle of nature. This is such a break and feels like a proper holiday although it was just a normal week end.

2. I saw animals that I didn’t expect like ostriches on the beach !

3. The crew was great, no pressure on the pace and all happy to be there

4. There are longer hikes in Capetown, worth looking at 🙂


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One Response to Cape point overnight hike

  1. Reveyron says:

    Whaooo! Beautiful pictures!
    We miss you but i am very happy for you…
    Reading your post makes me feel you are doing a lot of things and I really hope you are in a good mood

    Bisous de Jl et moi


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