Moving back home

We finally moved back home last week end, just before leaving to Europe. We have spent almost a month between Johannesburg and a friend’s house and it is good to be back home now. This means the end of fighting with insurance and the end of staying at other people home. Thanks to Jon we have been living in an amazing house – some pics added in the gallery below.

The good news is the whole cottage has been painted again, the carpet replaced so  it looks even better inside than before the flooding.

We also got a new family member to join us for Summer : ‘Smokey Joe’. The smallest Weber you will ever find but perfect for our needs 🙂 First braai was a success with the famous African sausage Boerwore (I still cannot pronounce it correctly) and some prego chicken.

The last 2 pics are quite random: I discovered Milnerton (North of Capetown) and although there was no waves that day, I cant wait for my first session there. Second one is the best activity when there is no waves : mountain biking. Capetown is an incredible place for this, with hundreds of tracks. You need a proper bike, a helmet and to be ready to climb but then all fun.

Heading back to Europe for Christmas break, looking forward to seeing everyone (almost) cause this is the only thing I have been missing over the last 5 months.


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