When Capetown storm hits

A few weeks ago on a Friday night, we had the usual chilled evening at home whilst the storm was raging outside. Capetown storms are quite impressive, not so much by the lightning (this one is more of a Joburg storm speciality) but rather from the amount of rain and wind that goes on. So when it happens you’re just very happy to spend time within your home. That night, at 1.30am I woke up hearing water leaking. We had some leaks before so I get out of bed, ready to put my 2 buckets at the usual spots in our lounge. Still half awake, the first thing I notice is water is actually leaking in our bedroom on the carpet. Not a good sign, I decide to go to the lounge and I just couldn’t believe what I saw. Waterfalls coming from the lamps, the floor had about 3 cm of water everywhere, panic mode kicks in straight away. I wake up Victoria and here we are trying to do our best but have limited gear to help and almost feel useless given the amount of water in the cottage. The cottage looks like hell, this is surreal and when Victoria gets to the lounge she notices something I missed: mac book pro and ipad getting soaked 😦 so we got going the best we can, trying to save what is critical and still trying to realize how much damage is actually happening. The whole ceiling was leaking and eventually collapsed in our bedroom.

We learnt the next day that some hospital was flooded and they used jetskis to get the patients out. That gives an idea of the storm damage. Pictures speak by themselves..

We’ve been lucky cause nobody got hurt, just material damage and the pain of chasing insurances to get everything fixed or replaced. The cottage flat roof is probably the main cause of the flooding, water not being able to get evacuated correctly. It will take a few weeks to be able to move back in and we are staying at a friend until then. 

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