Spring has definitely started. In Capetown you can tell because flowers are out, days are getting warmer, water is getting cooler – at least on the Atlantic side. In Joburg, well it is also getting warmer, but the key signs are some indigenous trees getting their flowers out and the famous storms. You would literally  go through 4 seasons on one day. Imagine being at work at 3 in the afternoon, it is sunny and then within  20 min the sky turns pitch black and an incredible storms starts, pouring rain that much that an umbrella becomes useless and having the sky filled by scary lightning. It usually last a couple of hour and then it all gets nice again. Last Monday I had to stay 1 hour in the office reception because there was no way you could be outside and since I don’t have a car well you just have to be patient.

Anyway, with Spring it makes sense to start looking after our garden and that’s what we did over the week end.  We went to a ‘nursery’, nothing to do with babies this is just the place where you buy your plants and got some advice for which flower/tree should go where. You need to think about sun exposure, maintenance (don’t really want to water the plants everyday) and then find something you actually like. Fun to start learning gardening basics although it does make me sound like a retired guy 😉 This cottage is getting more cosy every week. Housewarming coming soon !

Next step: the Weber and our first Braai 🙂

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2 Responses to Cottage

  1. sav says:

    Once the Weber is here i might consider coming to SA

  2. nicolas says:

    Joli jardin ! Tu l’as plantée où la bubblegum ? 🙂

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