The other part of my life – Johannesburg

There is actually quite a few things I would like to say about Johannesburg (Joburg). First of all, it has a terrible reputation in Europe. I am not going to argue on some facts BUT after more than 2 months here I can share what I have experienced:

– Amazing weather : the whole winter is sun and blue sky

– very friendly people here, no matter where you go. A lot more friendly than Capetown for instance. You can always have a chat with anyone, people smile…

– Never felt unsafe. I go for runs in the evening, have been out on proper nights out a few times and always felt great. Now of course, there are some rules live by and you do things a bit differently than in Europe but it is far from our prejudices.

– very energetic and active city. Always a million things going on both social and profesionnals level

– Living here without a car is quite annoying since public transport (at least safe ones) are not super efficient yet

I have been very lucky to find a shared accommodation straight away and to get along with the guys. Will have to take a picture of them one day but it does make my whole life in Joburg so much easier.

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